Port Celyddon

Picture of the harbour and citadel at Port Celyddon
The Harbour and Citadel at Port Celyddon

Port Celyddon is a themed land based on the on the 16th and 17th centuries. Role play is encouraged, but not required and while mostly human, fantasy characters are allowed. We are here to support IC and OOC events, combat both using the Unity Meter and SPD is supported.

We have free form role play where you are free to express your own character, just respecting our ‘back’ story. The UES system is employed for trade and to encourage the adoption of roles that integrate with our community.

Our main base is an island right in the centre of the Black Powder Sea which is an association of many lands all different and unique in their own way but sharing an ethos of fun and fairness in the seas that surround us and creating common standards for our interactions.

A naval fleet is based at Port Celyddon which is also a trading centre for merchant ships which come to the island. Near the main citadel of the port with its market, harbour and fortifications is the old fort, a base of the huntresses. Huntresses are the scouts and spies of Celyddon, undertaking dangerous and often secret missions on behalf of the realm.

Possible Roles: Naval Captain (you will need your own ship), Naval Ratings (Help crew the warships as gunners), Shore Gunners and Guards, Marines for raids and boarding parties. Scouts and Huntresses. There is also a need for Merchants, Artisans of all kinds, farm workers and domestics. These are just a few of the many possible roles available.

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