Virtual Worlds:

Both these grids provide their own official viewers, which are probably the best choice for beginners.

  • Inworldz – Where most of Celyddons lands are based and the best grid for sailing
  • Second Life – The largest and most popular virtual 3D world

Third Party Viewers:

  • Cool VL Viewer – Frequently updated third party viewer that supports RLV
  • Firestorm Viewer – Popular viewer with many funtions. Choose the opensim version if you want to use it on Inworldz as well as Second Life
  • Imprudence Viewer – Regarded by some as the best viewer for builders. Does not allow multiple accounts.
  • Singularity Viewer – Open source viewer, highly regarded and available on Windows, Apple and Linux.
  • Lumiya Viewer – No link because its only available for Android devices on Google Play. Costs about 5.00 GBP, but its the only viewer I know of that allows you to look around SL on a smart phone.

Virtual Currency Exchange:

If you need currency on Inworldz or Second Life you can get it from the grid, but with Inworldz you also have the option of using a third party exchange

Other Important Sites:

Links to Locations on Inworldz (You will need your viewer):