Inworldz Virtual World Closed 27th July 2018

February Party_001
One of the great settings on our event level for music. Good times!

Very sadly Inworldz closed with only a weeks notice. We would like to thank everyone that was associated with Celyddon on Inworldz. Those who came to our events, roleplayed or battled and sailed on the inWorldz seas. You became our friends and we miss you.

We still have a small settlement in Second Life. To find us there just log in to Second Life (visit if your not already a user) and follow the teleport links in the profile picks of Ballyrae Hanly or Melanie Auxifur. We will continue to have music events and some medieval and fantasy themed roleplay.

For the future we are investigating setting up on one of the hypergrid opensim grids like Discovery, Kitely or Digiworld. We hope to hear from you all soon and please watch this blog for announcements.


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