The Jargon and Abbreviations

A guide to some of the terms and abbreviations commonly used on this blog, for roleplay and more generally on the virtual world grids. This list is frequently being added to ….

Fade to Black – Skipping a roleplay scene that is distressing to act out and resuming after it has happened.

Bot – Avatar which is not being controlled but just present as a model or greeter, etc.

IC – In roleplay character.

IM – Instant Message, private message between two or a small number of avatars

Limits – A list of roleplay situations that that your avatar won’t allow. Commonly listed in a roleplay profile.

NC – Notecard

NPC – A ‘non player character’ in roleplay who is assumed to be present but not being actively controled.

OOC – Out of roleplay character

Prim – A basic building block, can be a cube, sphere, cube, etc. Can be resized, stretched, recoloured, contain scripts and be linked to other prims to make objects in building

Rezz – Making your avatar or an object suddenly appear

Sim – An area of land on a virtual grid

UES – Unity Empire System. A meter and pouch that an avatar can wear to simulate trading, physical needs and some tasks like cooking, hunting and growing crops.

Unity Meter – A melee combat system designed to work well with UES and focused on historical weapons like bows and swords.

TP – Teleport

Viewer – The application that allows you to login and interact in a virtual world like Second Life or Inworldz