Getting Started

Maybe you are interested in roleplay, combat, exploring, building and creating, or events and making friends, so how do you get started?

Here I will assume your a real beginner, but obviously you can ignore anything you already know or have done. First go to InWorldz and register for a free account, there are other options for renting land or premium membership, but I am assuming you want to look round and see if its for you first.

You will be asked for a name for your avatar, the gender and to select a starting appearance, the rest is just passwords and the usual contact details. Just about everything about your avatar is changeable, except the name so choose that carefully.

Download and install a viewer and log in for the first time. You will appear at the visitor centre, there are usually a couple of greeters there to say Hi! and offer help. Its best to join the Welcome Group so that you can ask for help from one of the mentors if you need it and wear the welcome HUD which lists some popular locations for activities and shops you can go to because soon your going to want to personalise your appearance. But first take as long as you need to learn to walk, run, fly, TP, chat and get used to the viewer controls, like the camera.

Once you know how to use search, look up Ballyrae Hanly or Melanie Auxifur under people or Celyddon or Coromandel under places. We would love to hear from you if you message, but just as important look at our profiles. These list the groups we belong to and the locations we have in picks, including both Celyddon lands where you can teleport and look around.

Joining a group allows you to chat with others in the group and gives you permissions. In the case of the Celyddon group joining lets you rezz items, unpack boxs and set home. If you plan to sail also join battlegroup which allows you to rezz items on the Black Powder Seas.

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