About Us

The Celyddon lands on Inwordz are ‘Port Celyddon’ and ‘Celyddon Haven’. Both are historically themed lands set in the age of sail. We have nobles, knights, huntresses,maids, sailors and elves. Role play is based around adventure, trading and combat.

There is also a small land called ‘Celyddon Woods’ on Second life. It is our camp fire in the forest for meeting up exploring and going on adventures.

Celyddon is most busy between 12 noon and 2 pm US West Coast time (thats 9 pm to 11 pm Central Europe). If you would life to join us log into either virtual life grid and send a note card to Ballyrae Hanly or Melanie Auxifur.

Both Second Life and Inworldz are virtual 3D worlds which are free to visit. You will need to download a viewer and create an account at either www.secondlife.com or www.inworldz.com.