Mythical Origins

When humans first came to Celyddon taking refuge from the wars that had driven them away from there homes, they crossed many seas until finally their small boats were wreaked against the rocks that seem to protect the coast of Celyddon. They struggled ashore with only the possessions that they could salvage finding a fertile countryside with lush wetlands melting into grasslands and green ripe forests. Wild beasts roamed the forests and while many of the beasts were very vicious it was possible with some hunting and fishing also picking wild fruits to survive and settle.

They soon realised that they were not alone. High elves lived in the forest and while they did not attack the humans and even occasionally warned of danger in cryptic riddles they seemed to have mysterious powers and loved to play tricks and jokes. It was said that the elves were lead by Yrmell who would occasionally speak to the humans.

Sometimes the elves would reveal a little of what they knew to the newcomers. They had lived in the forests since ancient times and often spoke of ancient wars between the forces of nature and chaos and that Celyddon was the site of the great treaty concluded for peace. Even to this day dragons, one of the forces of Chaos test the magical defense created by the treaty or attack those that wonder beyond the boundary of the treaty lands into the ‘Cradle of War’.

Compared to the high elves who often lived hundreds or even thousands of years and seemed to spend their time performing enchantments or tending to the forests, humans live only a few score years. They worked hard and built a village and a castle and watch towers for defense. Some of them farmed, others hunted and they settled and did a growing  trade with other settlements and started to prosper.

The human warriors called ‘The Guardians’ upheld the human laws or guarded the borders and battled raiders, while a special more secret group often known as the ‘Hunters and Huntresses’ explored the mysteries of the realm undertaking dangerous spying and scouting  missions to discover the many secrets of the enchanted lands. Often their duties meant that they had to wonder into territory where the beasts of chaos and dragons roamed. In lands beyond the protection of the magical enchantments created by the high elves they often have to battle danger and the forces of chaos

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